Superior Voice Solution

We make sure your business is up and running at all times – especially when the NBN lets you down!


Is your business forced to migrate to the NBN?

Over 1.6million ISDN lines alone are being migrating to NBN over the next 12 months or so. This means businesses need to think about alternatives.  We can help if you’re concerned about  voice reliability and single point of reliance on the problematic Australian Federal Governments NBN network.


Improved Voice Quality & Reliability

The Clear Edge Connections service provides dual concurrent voice paths, such as a Private Fibre or NBN Primary link and a Secondary link such as NBN or even 4G Data link.

The voice packets are duplicated down two concurrent paths, hence Voice quality and reliability is improved dramatically as any packet loss or degradation caused by an individual data link does not impact the voice quality of any call.



Bond2go NBN Superior Voice Solution

  •  Carrier Independent Back Up Link (Auto Fail Over)
  • Business Grade Voice Service
  • Detail report and notification of Call Quality, Data Link Performance
  • Advanced Network Monitoring
  • Low-Cost Wholesale Calls
  • Webfeature rich Hosted PBX
  • Encryption and Security of Voice Calls

Through a combination of custom voice VPN (Virtual Private Network) Technology as well as the duplication of voice packets down alternative data paths to a hosted clouded PBX, we can offer extremely high performance as well as business grade voice quality and reliability.

Monarch Inc.

"When the NBN has a glitch, then Clear Edge has our back ."

Extra Co.

"Every hour that the NBN doesn't work costs us thousands of $$$. We wouldn't be able to operate with the Clear Edge Connection.



“Clear Edge Connections keeps my site up and running!”

An unplanned or unexpected NBN outage could cost my eCommerce business thousands of $$ in sales. It is imperative that I have fast internet at all times and Clear Edge Connections gives me peace of mind.

“Clear Edge makes sure we all keep in work!”

In our customer service center we get hundreds of calls per day. We need to make sure our phone lines are up and running at all times. Clear Edge Solutions and their superior voice system makes sure that we are operational at all times. 

“This is my alternative to the NBN”

When my NBN was down, I had no where to go to ask for a fix. With Clear Edge Connections, I have local support and a responsive team to help me out. Can definitely recommend.


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