Your Reliable Alternative to the NBN

The National Broadband Network rollout has been plagued by cost blowouts, delays and performance concerns. We’ve got good news. There’s an alternative.

These days, most businesses need the internet to perform their everyday tasks. You need clear connection, reliability, and confidence that your business can operate even with NBN unreliability. Clear Edge Connections offers an alternative to the NBN.


The Clear Edge Connections service provides dual concurrent voice paths, such as a Private Fibre or NBN Primary link and a Secondary link such as NBN or even 4G Data link.

Private Fibre

Get access to more networks directly with lower latency and fewer hops by getting a High Speed IP Transit Connection from Clear Edge Connections.


The voice packets are duplicated down two concurrent paths, hence Voice quality and reliability is improved dramatically as any packet loss or degradation caused by an individual data link does not impact the voice quality of any call.


We pride ourselves on providing crystal clear and timely information to our customers to ensure we can both seamlessly manage the process of onboarding, changing or up-grading network. Whenever we are working with you to set up or manage your service, we’ll keep you and your team updated each and every step of the way.


Stable, Reliable Connection


Superior Connection Speed

Better Voice Quality & Reliability

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